Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Haul and review of Born Pretty Store

I picked up a few things online from bornprettystore.com and wanted to share with you all what I got so here goes!
 This is the contour and highlight palette that I ordered. I love the packaging! It is sleek and I don't think the picture does it justice.
The mirror is a great size and it comes with a little brush to apply the powders. There are 2 different colors of highlight powders (white and beige) and 2 different colors of contour powders (medium brown and dark brown).

I also purchased 12 of their pigments. They don't have their names on them and they came in these tiny round containers that have the name "Wendy" on the lids. 8 of the pigments are shimmery and the other 4 are glitters. The colors shown above are a lime green, baby blue, peach and turquoise.

Pigment colors: Baby pink, hot pink, blue and gun metal.

4 glitter colors: Green, purple, yellow gold, and pink.
The swatches:

Highlight and contour powders 

 Colors: Lime green, baby blue, peach and turquoise.

Colors: Baby pink, hot pink, blue and gun metal.

Glitter colors: Green, purple, yellow gold and pink.

4 Color Contour Face Powder Palette $10.08 USD
12 Colors Shimmer Glitter Eyeshadow Makeup Comestic $5.59 USD
My overall thoughts
I really liked all of the products that I received. The contour palette is very nice and I like that it has 2 different colors of highlight powders and contour powders. The only thing I did not care for was the brush that came with the palette. It is too small and the bristles were hard. The 8 pigments and 4 glitters are very nice! They are super pigmented and look even better with an eye shadow primer underneath. I really have no complaints about the pigments at all. The born pretty store website is very easy to navigate and they have a variety of products to choose from. They also ship for free and internationally; however if you want your products to get to you faster I suggest paying to have your products shipped, because it will take forever for you to receive your order if you go for the free shipping. All their products are shipped out of Hong Kong. It took 5 weeks for me to receive my order, but I am happy with everything I received! Hope you all enjoyed this review!


  1. Great review! Im loving the glitters, I will have to try some stuff out!

  2. Why they stealin' my name?! LOL, anyway... the colors are really pretty! They look soft and pigmented.

  3. They look nice! I think I'll get a few of these to see how they work for me! =) Great review!

  4. Thanks dolls! @Wendy I totally thought of you when I saw your name on the lids!! Ha ha!

  5. Thanks Jenn!:) I need to do another blog! Lol. I'm such a blog slacker! Ha ha!

  6. Great review they look awesome :) maybe one day you would do a tutorial to show us what they are like on the eye ;) :) please :)
    if you have the time stop by to my page

  7. LOVE the look of that glitter!! so into my sparkly things at the moment...

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